I am a health care professional from another country, will my qualifications be recognised?

This will depend on which country you come from. We have reciprocal arrangements with a few countries, but as a general rule, you will need to re-register to work as a Dentist, Dental Hygienist or Oral Health Therapist.  This comprises 3 exams; Occupational English Test, one Theory, and one Practical examination. The process usually takes about 2 years from start to finish for Dentist, and about 6-12 months to RDH and OHT. It is possible to finish in a shorter period of time depending on how quickly you can sit for the exams. We employ many overseas professionals while they are going through their registration process, once they have gained some local experience.

More information can be obtained from visiting the APRHA website.

Dental Assistants do not need to be registered to work in Australia, and provided you have undertaken your training in English, you should be able find work easily

I am relocating from another country and would like to join your agency. Can you provide me with employment?

We provide two types of employment services; temporary and permanent. Depending on what type of visa you have will determine which one will suit.

Temporary employment suits those on temporary visas. If you’re a Dental Assistant from an English speaking country, you must have at least 2 years’ prior work experience. If you’re a Dentist, RDH or OHT, or Dental Assistant who trained in a language other than English, you must have at least 1-2 months full-time local experience.

How do I gain local experience?

You can gain local experience by applying for work through positions advertised, or volunteer your services.

We do not arrange work experience for candidates unless they have undertaken training with our company.

I cannot find work locally; is there another option for me to gain experience?

We do offer training for overseas dental professionals and subsequent employment on completion of the program, provided assessments are passed and communication skills are sufficient. There are costs involved with the training. Email [email protected] for more information

Can I be sponsored from abroad before I arrive?

It is highly unlikely that this will happen; especially within the dental industry. Candidates need to be in the country, with a current work visa, even if only temporary, to attend interviews and work trials. If the client cannot meet you and assess your suitability for work, they will not sponsor you.

Cases where this may be possible is where organisation has an office in another country where you can be assessed prior to moving to Australia

I have local experience in the dental industry. Is it possible for me to be sponsored to work in Australia?

Yes. The immigration laws are constantly changing and each case is assessed on an individual basis. You need to meet certain criteria in order to be sponsored, and we suggest visiting an immigration lawyer if you would like to consider this option. Contact our office for additional information regarding this.

Do I need to sign a contract with your company and are there any costs involved?

There is no contract with AB Dental & Medical and there are no costs involved.