About Us

Over the past 25 years AB Dental & Medical has serviced over 4,000 clients and worked with 20,000 candidates within the Dental and Medical sectors. We built our reputation servicing State Governments, major hospitals and thousands of leading corporate and private practices around Australia.

We are ISO-accredited to international standards and our methods are unique. Our industry contacts are extensive after two decades, and we examine your vacant role as a team. We have account leads but we discuss your individual role daily as a collective – how we can fill it, and who we can fill it with.

You have a lot of eyes trying to find your perfect candidate, not just two. If a great candidate doesn’t fit one role, they may fit another, so we are transparent in our team talks about talent. This leads more good candidates to your door.

We provide locum, temporary and permanent staff. If you have a staffing problem, call us. Any day,any time.

Pam McKean

Our Director

Pam McKean has extensive experience in the recruitment industry, focused almost solely on the Dental and Medical industries, Pam has been a business owner and company director since 2000.


Pam’s specialties include recruiting for the Dental and Medical sectors; Business Support, Finance, Sales and Marketing also relating to Dental and Medical.

Our Team

Our management and team have worked within the dental and medical industries, as well as being specialist recruiters and support staff. We have worked on both sides of the fence and combined with career professionals from the public relations industry, we offer a compelling, holistic skillset that gets you results.