Australian Travel Tips - Visas- Sponsorship

As a Traveler

If you are arriving in Australia from overseas on a working holiday or student visa, you may find it quite daunting to arrive in a new country. Here are a few tips to help you get started;

The public transport systems are easy to use and vary from state to state. Here are some websites which will assist you with getting around;




If walking or driving you can use;

For daily use in all capital cities in Australia, there is a large network of public transport. Many of the systems are ticketless and you are required to have a pre-paid card.



Hostel accommodation is not bound by a lease and is appropriate for short term.

Most people find a room in a flat/house share, either through friends or an advertisement on the net on a number of websites including;


Many places require a deposit (bond) and up to month’s rent in advance, so be prepared for the cost to secure the place you want. Prices vary considerably depending on the area and the standard you require – try not to go for the first place you see, survey the market and find what you really want!

Roughly speaking, a room of your own, with share bathroom, kitchen and laundry will start at about $180-$200 per week but really depends on the number of people you are sharing with


Opening a Bank Account

You will need to open a bank account as soon as you arrive. You will need 100 points of identification. You can Google what documents are required to make up the 100 points of ID as a passport alone will not be enough.


Taxation and Superannuation

Tax is automatically deducted from your wages by your employer, under a PAYG Scheme (pay as you go). In order to be paid for services by an employer, you will need to provide a Tax File Number. You can apply online at or you may visit the central taxation office in any capital city.

Everyone who works in Australia is entitled to Superannuation which is an additional 9.5% in addition to your hourly rate. This is our pension scheme. Once you earn over $450 per month with one employer, they are legally bound to pay superannuation. There are several Superannuation funds available, or this can set up by our agency if more convenient. Once you leave Australia on a permanent basis you will get all your Superannuation returned to you.

If you are here on a working holiday visa, you will pay less tax be subject to paying a higher tax rate than those on 457 working visa or student visa. Some tax rebates are also available on exit. AB Dental & Medical recommends that you utilise an accounting service (tax agent) in order to maximise the financial benefit. You will need to allow 2 to 4 week period for processing.


Visas & Sponsorship

Working Holiday Visa

A working visa in Australia is available to people 18-30 years without dependent children, and permits a 12 month stay in Australia from entry date. Extensions are available by working in rural areas for a period of 3 months after the initial 12 months.

Citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark may apply for a visa in any overseas country.

Applicants from Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta and Germany must apply in their own country of citizenship.

Charges apply and interviews and/or medical examinations may be required.

For Working Holiday Visas, applicants must demonstrate:

  • Sufficient funds for the first part of the holiday stay
  • Their main purpose for visiting Australia is to holiday
  • Work undertaken whilst in Australia is for support while here
  • A good chance of taking up temporary work to supplement holiday funds
  • A return ticket of sufficient funds for a return or onward fare
  • An intention to leave Australia at the conclusion of the holiday


Australia Working Holiday visas permit work with one employer for only 6 months. However AB Dental & Medical can provide work for you for the whole 12 month period providing your stay with any one practice or organisation does not exceed the equivalent of six months. Should you wish to extend your stay with one particular employer then AB Dental & Medical may assist you in finding a sponsor.

For full details of visa requirements go to:


While AB Dental & Medical cannot provide sponsorship, we do have a large database of clients, some of whom have expressed an interest in utilising this process to hire staff. Unlike the Working Holiday Visa no specific age restrictions apply to sponsorship, although your eligibility will depend on your health, work experience, amongst other deciding factors.

We are able to provide relevant information to assist with the facilitating of sponsorship applications. We would be pleased to supply referrals for legal services for both sponsor and applicant.