Wage and Pay Information

You will be taxed according to the Australian Taxation Department (ATO) guidelines. You will receive your Payment Summary / Statement of Earnings via email early at the start of the new financial year. Please advise us of any changes of email address

Payroll enquiries: [email protected]


Pay and Wage Submission

You will be asked to submit your bank, tax and super information during your interview.  If you did not supply your financial information at this time you can download and submit the below forms and email to [email protected]


Superannuation Form  

Tax file declaration 

Bank Details form  


Please note that wages are processed weekly each Wednesday

Our clients will submit a timesheet on your behalf unless you are asked to do so.
As your timesheet will need client authorisation we are unable to process direct submissions.

Fair Work Information Statement

New information is available from the NSW Fair Work Ombudsman.

To download statement please Click Here

The Statement provides basic information on matters that may affect your employment. If you require further information, you can contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 or visit



Timesheet’s are to be submitted electronically by clicking on the button below and completing the relevant input fields

Lodge Timesheet


If any problems are experienced using the timesheet, please email the website webmaster for further support

All information entered into the form will be submitted to for review and approval by AB Dental & Medical