Corporate responsiblity

Diversity and Inclusion

Our staff at AB Dental & Medical are historically from a vast array of backgrounds and cultures, and we have a history of proactively providing employment opportunities that reflect our commitment to diversity and fairness in the workplace.

We organise end-to-end execution of training needed to secure new citizens to our country employment in their desired field, and our extensive database of temporary candidates includes staff from countries all over the world.

Cultural equality, gender equality and proudly upholding the right to life choices isn’t simply a concept we support in theory. We show our support in deed, every day through our valued employees and hiring decisions.

AB Dental and medical provides flexible work arrangements for parents and staff who need some degree of flexibility to their hours of work.

We are also strong supporters of equal opportunity in the workplace for candidates with a disability, and encourage all enthusiastic candidates to apply for our advertised roles.